Dear Writerly Self

My work is immense. Trailing its way through the horrors of war, my novel shows you that love never comes easily and that we all have our own battles to fight, even in the middle of a much greater war. It reflects the root of our humanity, the fight of good versus evil. It is epic, poetic. The wrench of the heart as it has to choose between love and what is right. The pain of the loss that has tinged the souls of my characters leads them to bravery, leads them to resistance and leads them to truth.

This book is my heart. There are pains that I have suffered of which I cannot yet speak but to feel them through my characters soothes the ache in my heart, I can acknowledge the pain and let it go. What makes us good and what makes us evil? There was a time, within a century past, that evil lived and the horrors he caused should never be forgotten. I have been to the camps and I have heard stories of war first hand from my grand parents. To even try to reflect the beauty that somehow prevailed in that horrific time in our lives, for it should always be remembered as part of our lives, would be an honour.

I write because I feel true when I do so. I write because it is natural to me and I want to make sense of the world I live in, I want to make sense of the acute pain of life and love. I write because I have endured. In writing I feel strong. I can’t remember when I first wrote but I was very young. The books I read opened my imagination and made me want to see the world, to taste and touch it, and to understand it. In writing this novel I have felt grounded in this world for the first time, and it began to finally make sense.

Yours sincerely,