MFA Sunday school


Elise Marie Matthews



Physical traits (height, weight, hair and eye colour, scars, distinguishing characteristics)

Elise is pretty. She is a curvy, hourglass size 10 (US 4) with a tiny waist, large breasts and ‘child bearing hips. A brunette Marilyn Monroe she has large doe brown eyes, surrounded by thick black eyelashes. Her hair his bobbed and wavy, chocolate brown with natural golden highlights. Her skin is porcelain white, creamy and smooth. She has a dark mole on her left cheek bone. She barely wears any makeup, even when tired her complexion looks fresh and perfect. Her lips are full and shapely and she constantly smiles.

Basic familial relationships (are they married, have children, no siblings, two mothers?)

She lives down the road from her parents. Both are alive. She also has two brothers and a sister and they all live close by. She is the youngest and the only one not yet to have married or have children. She has 6 nephews and two 2 nieces. Her Grandparents on her maternal side are also both still alive, living in sheltered accommodation round the corner from her parents.

Sunday: what did he/she eat for breakfast today?  Is this usual?  Unusual?  And why?

This morning Elise had a huge fry up, sausage, egg and bacon with lashings of baked beans. She went out last night with her friends from university and awoke with a huge hangover. Normally she’s pretty careful, always watching her weight as the women in her family tend to be on the larger side of ‘curvy’. Usually she would have yoghurt with fruit or porridge with honey on the days she volunteers at the shelter. But today she can’t be bothered to worry about her weight, she needs greasy food to soak up all the vodka she consumed last night!

Monday: what sort of relationship does he/she have with his/her parents?  Are they still alive?  Does he/she see his/her parents?  Why or why not?

Elise is very close to all her family and particularly her parents. She is the baby of the family, she is 6 years younger than her older brother, 8 years younger than her sister and 10 years younger than her oldest brother. To her parents she is their little miracle. Before she was conceived her mother had been really ill the whole family thought they would lose her. Suddenly, when they no longer thought they could have any more children after years of trying, followed by years of illness, Elise appeared. The Doctors had thought her mother’s symptoms was an early menopause but no! They had 8 weeks to prepare for her arrival and she was welcomed into the family as the miracle that saved their mother. Elise spends a lot of time looking after her parents, her mother has always been ill and always needs a lot of care. But they are incredibly close.

Tuesday: what is your character wearing at this exact moment?  Are these his/her normal clothes or are they wearing something for a special occasion?

Elise is off to work, she is almost a qualified social worker. She is wearing grey wide leg trousers with a pretty pink polka dot belt around her hips. Her top is a purple colour, almost red wine coloured, and has strands of pink and purple ribbons running through it. Her earrings are glass drops the same colour as her top. Her shoes, dull black and flat. Sensible shoes to allow her to walk around comfortably on her visits to residents. She never spends too much on her work clothes, it’s always more a case of ‘that will do’. She would rather look ok for work and look great outside it!

Wednesday: if your character is old enough to vote, how is she/he voting in the next election?  If your character is too young to vote, how closely do they follow political issues?

Elise always votes, she recalls when she first was allowed to vote aged 18 her Father telling her off for saying she couldn’t be bothered. “Women died for your right madam!!” Elise was surprised by the vehemence of her father’s insistence that she vote, and so she did, and has never looked back. She leans towards the Liberals but has recently been devastated by their collusion with the Tories. She knows that it possibly was ‘best’ for the country in the state it was in yet she can’t quite believe she had roundaboutly voted for this Tory coalition. Next time she may have to have a rethink.

Thursday: where would your character like to go on vacation?  Why?

She wants to go and drive around and across the USA. She has done a few road trips round the UK and round Europe with her boyfriend, they are planning a huge 6 month long trip once she qualifies to drive through every mainland state. She has never been West of Wales. She loves Europe but longs to see the expanse of America, the wild west, the Rockies. She wants to see the hundreds of different landscapes belonging to one single country for herself.

Friday: describe where your character lives.

Elise owns a little two up two down house in a small town in the West Country. It is a new build and she has recently bought it with her boyfriend, having saved diligently for two years to have a healthy deposit. Though it was newly built, they spend their weekends personalising the house. She crochets and sews little trinkets for the house such as blankets, cushion covers, little bags filled with ball bearings that act as door stoppers, pretty bunting that adorns the wall in the spare bedroom. Her boyfriend Jed spends his weekends pottering in their garden, it’s big and flat. He digs up bits of the lawn, adding raised beds, bushes, areas of interest, to divide up the large dull square of turf.

Saturday: does your character like him/herself?  What are their favourite personal traits?  What do they wish they could change about themselves?

She likes herself in general. Elise is very happy in her skin. She was brought up carefully and lovingly. She understands what it is to be cherished, truly wanted. She wishes she could be more organised. Her job involves huge amounts of admin and she lets it swamp her, she forgets to pay bills sometimes, but since saving for and getting her mortgage she has been leagues better with her money. She also, whilst a homemaker, is a bit messy which she worries infuriates Jed. She tries halfheartedly and then more often than not returns to her crochet on the sofa while Jed finished the job!