MFA Sunday school


Heathcliff Newdigate-Fearns



Physical traits (height, weight, hair and eye colour, scars, distinguishing characteristics)

Tall, strapping. Heath  has a thick full head of blonde hair, his eyes are bright blue. His face is chiselled.

Basic familial relationships (are they married, have children, no siblings, two mothers?)

He is one of identical twin boys. His mother was a single mother who had acted in Hollywood as a young girl. His twin, Darcy, is a high flying banker. They get on as though they are best friends, even though they are very different

Sunday: what did he/she eat for breakfast today?  Is this usual?  Unusual?  And why?

Heath has his usual of Weetabix with a huge black coffee. As he heads for 40 he is a lot more careful about his weight. He now only drinks vodka as it is lowest in calories. Hi breakfast is always quick, quiet. Over which he reads the paper, devours his first coffee and is not done until he has had at least 3.

Monday: what sort of relationship does he/she have with his/her parents?  Are they still alive?  Does he/she see his/her parents?  Why or why not?#

His mother is still alive and worships the ground her sons walk on. She still does their washing, neither have married. She still cooks them a Sunday Roast every Sunday. Even though she is 67 she pops over Heath’s flat on a weekly basis to clean his flat.

Tuesday: what is your character wearing at this exact moment?  Are these his/her normal clothes or are they wearing something for a special occasion?

A suit jacket with slacks and a pink silk cravat. He;s attending a dinner with some old college friends followed by their opening night of their play which he has directed.

Wednesday: if your character is old enough to vote, how is she/he voting in the next election?  If your character is too young to vote, how closely do they follow political issues?

Tory all the way. He will always vote Tory, that is until they get too soft. He has considered the BNP recently. He hates the welfare state, thinks that there shouldn’t even be one. If people can’t make their own way that they should get the hell out of Britain, and stop draining her resources.

Thursday: where would your character like to go on vacation?  Why?

Anywhere beautiful, where the beautiful people are. He hates the small crowded feel of anywhere in the UK. Heath likes to be pampered, spoiled. And preferably where they have plenty of beautiful girls for hire.

Friday: describe where your character lives.

Heath lives in a beautiful penthouse apartment in Putney, London, overlooking the river Thames. There is an extensive balcony which overhangs the river. In the bottom of the apartment block there are many bars and restaurants which Heath frequents.

Saturday: does your character like him/herself?  What are their favourite personal traits?  What do they wish they could change about themselves?

Heath loves the way he looks. EVerything about his appearance and he spends a great deal of time investing in his looks. He hates the fact that sometimes he struggles to talk to women, in any real depth. He can manage shallow talk for hours on end but to have a real relationship? Whenever he tries to actually get close to a girl he freaks out completely and runs off to sleep with a hooker.